We have Spanish programs for the entire family.

These special offers are available until Tuesday 3 December, 2019.

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Spanish Elementary Program 

for the Entire Family (K-6th)

The entire family can start speaking Spanish from lesson ONE.

The methodology uses an immersion approach and introduces Spanish to young minds at an early age. It uses fun topics, complete sentences, and phonetic practices, and more!

The planning, lessons, teaching, worksheets, flashcards are done for YOU, the busy parent.

It is self-paced and self-study with teacher and community support to encourage consistency. ALL in one place!

$20 / month

SAVE $7 each month

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Spanish 1 Foundation 

Self-Study and Self-Pace for Middle and High School Students

This is a foundation-level Spanish course for middle, junior high, high school students. Students will develop their receptive and productive skills to a Novice-low/Mid-level.

This level is the “parrot” proficiency stage. Students will apply vocabulary,  grammar, and guided activities to communicate at a beginner level.

After finishing the course, students will be ready to move to a higher level.

This is an independent- self-study course. Parents and students are encouraged to find consistent opportunities to practice speaking to get the best of this course.

The course aims to prepare the student for college-level studies.


Save $60

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FIVE DAYS Present Tense Challenge  

for Middle and High School Students

Knowing vocabulary is not enough to gain the confidence to speak Spanish.

Sometimes conjugation is the missing piece of the puzzle. Knowing how to conjugate improves students’ confidence and communication skills.

Step by step teaching, practices, and support!


Save $7

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