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So, you’d decided Spanish is the language your family will learn? But You are not sure where to start, what to teach and what curriculum to use! I take care of that, so YOU the parent, can give your homeschooler the Spanish skills needed to speak.

Help your child learn Spanish better, become bilingual with support from a Certified-Native Spanish Teacher


About Sra. Morato

I am a passionate Spanish instructor, homeschool mom, language coach & online curriculum designer. I have ONE Big Dream: Helping parents like YOU educate bilingual children. I help non-native parents and native parents create bilingual environments at home (si, entiendo, a veces por muchas razones es dificil para nuestros hijos hablar espanol aun cuando los padres somos nativos 🙂

My personal experience learning a Foreign language…

Just like many of my students I had to learn a second language when I was young. I understand the fear and the insecurities of speaking a second language.  When I think back how I overcame the fear of speaking because I had a very strong accent (I still have one!) I can think about my English teachers.  They were very supportive and understood what I needed so I can pursue my college education and become bilingual. Today, I realized my accent was not a weakness but an asset because it showed that I could speak two languages!

Maybe my own foreign language experience made me wanted to be a Spanish teacher, regardless, I am so thankful I became one!  For 16 years, I had the most amazing opportunity to teach for one of the major school districts in Virginia, Fairfax County Public School. I taught  IB Spanish and Immersion. In 2014, I started working with the homeschool community teaching homeschoolers and helping homeschool parents navigate the foreign language aspect of homeschooling. As a homeschool mother myself, I know how important is to find subject experts to help us educate our children in subjects we are not experts because we do not want to hold our children back.

Over the last 18 years, I have been teaching hundreds of students to learn Spanish better and to speak the language. I know what it takes to teach a student who never has spoken Spanish before and later see the same student wanting to get a Spanish minor in college or travel to become bilingual. Amazing, right? I cannot contain my excitement when my students tell me…

“I want to be a bilingual doctor”

“I want to be a bilingual school counselor”

“I want to be a lawyer that speaks Spanish”

OR even better “I went on a mission trip to Guatemala and I was able to translate”  OR “During the summer, I went to Nicaragua to help in a hospital and I was able to speak with the staff” o.k at this point I want to cry!

Embracing technology

In 2014, I decided to go back to school and work on my master’s degree. I wanted to take my teaching to the next level because I wanted to help more parents and students, I knew I had to integrate technology in my teaching and I saw the possibility to be able to reach more students using the online platform. I received my master’s from George Mason University with a concentration in Online learning and Curriculum and Instruction. Since then, I have been able to teach students from all over the country, Texas, Idaho, Oregon, Tennessee, Alaska, California, and Virginia.

Changing the learning experience

My vision is to help YOU the parent educate bilingual children. I want to help you replace study time with more speaking time! Do not get me wrong! Studying is great but the goal of studying a language is to speak it. The #1 regret parents share with me over and over is how they study Spanish but never spoke it. I want to help you change that with my online programs.

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Introducing my online K-12th programs for the whole family!


Where teaching, learning, and technology meet so your whole family can learn to speak Spanish.

I do the planning, the teaching, and curriculum so your family can do the learning and speaking! 

Spanish For Elementary Ages for the Homeschool family!  NOW Enrolling until January 14th

You are not sure where to start? What to learn? How to learn it? 

Check out my elementary program! The whole family can start today to speak Spanish. The program introduces Spanish to young minds at an early age through fun topics and using complete sentences! ALL in one place, step by step!

The following courses are aimed for 7th-12th students. Every course is designed to promote communication skills and prepare students for college-level courses and beyond.

Spanish 1 Course: with online conversational classes

Spanish Foundation for Middle and High School Students

This course introduces the fundamental elements of the Spanish language. It will give your student the knowledge and skills they need to be able to put the language together and start communicating in Spanish through everyday situations. The conversational classes are 100% to accelerate learning and speaking skills. Exploration of the culture is part of the learning journey.

Spanish 1  Foundation Course: Independent Study Course

For Middle and High School Students

This self-study course is excellent for busy students who need flexibility and cannot attend conversational classes but as the parent, you also still are looking for some level of support and guidance. This course introduces the fundamental elements of the Spanish language. It will give your student the knowledge and skills they need to be able to put the language together and start communicating in Spanish through everyday situations.  Exploration of the culture is part of the learning journey.

Spanish 2 Course: Beyond Foundation

Include online conversational and writing classes 

The course teaches students how to keep building upon the Spanish 1 skills. New tenses are introduce and new vocabulary.  Students communicate using more complex ideas and producing a higher level of proficiency using every skill: listening, reading, writing, speaking and interacting. Exploration of the culture is part of the learning journey.

Spanish 3 Immersion Class:

With communication, interactive and Culture Focus 

This online class will continue building upon the Spanish 1 & 2 foundation. Students will review previous tenses such as present, past, commands and be introduced to more advanced tenses. Students are expected to use more complex ideas and produce a higher level of proficiency by writing, speaking, interacting with teacher and classmates during the week.  Students are required to use the language every day, read, listen and watch Spanish authentic material.  The course will introduce students to Hispanic literature.

“My daughter wants to be a counselor, I want her to have Spanish skills for her future career”

My students are saying… 

“First time I am actually learning and speaking!”    “I like that your video teachings are short and fun.”   “I was able to order my food in Spanish!”

Parents are saying… 

“I am so thankful we found you”    “My teen has learning challenges, I am glad we can adapt your course and end frustration

Mapping out your Child's Spanish language Journey for Elementary Years: The why? What? How?

Learn key principles to plan the why what and how for a Spanish curriculum and elementary years.

Sign up for a the free workshop Session: Mapping out your Teen Spanish learning Journey and Spanish Curriculum Essentials (7th-12th)

Learn how to plan your teen’s Spanish learning by level, how to complete course requirements and what are the curriculum essentials to become proficient in the language.

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Language Curriculum

One of the choices I have to make as the homeschool parent is to decide how my child is going to learn a subject. Many times as parent we become the motivating force behind our child’s learning. Therefore, the curriculum we choose is vital for our child’s learning...

Homeschool,  Language Requirements and Curriculum

Is your child in middle or high school and ready to tackle her or his language credits? As a Spanish certified teacher and homeschool mother I will say the following: The earlier a student starts learning the language the easier will be to acquire the language skills he/she needs to learn it.

Video Series: Grammar and Vocabulary

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