Hi I am Sra. (Mrs.) Morato!

“My daughter wants to be a counselor, I want her to have Spanish skills for her future career”

My personal experience learning a Foreign language…

Just like many of my students I had to learn a second language when I was 18 years old. I did not know how to speak English. When I think back, my English teachers were of great support for me. I needed a lot of support because I had to overcome the fear of speaking even though I had a very strong accent. Eventually, I realized my accent was not a weakness but an asset because it showed that I speak two languages!

Choosing a profession and touching lives along the way…

I chose to be a Spanish teacher 20 years ago. I have never regretted this decision! For almost 17 years I have been teaching hundreds of students to learn to speak Spanish, study Spanish and help them prepare for different Spanish testing. Many of my students have decided to major or minor in Spanish.

In addition, I had the opportunity to work for 16 years for one of the major school districts in Virginia, Fairfax County Public School. I taught all Spanish levels I, II, III, immersion, and IB Spanish classes. Three years ago, I started working with the homeschool community, teaching  homeschoolers and helping homeschool parents navigate the foreign language aspect of homeschooling.

Exploring new frontiers…

In 2016, I decided to go back to school and work on my masters degree. I wanted to take my teaching to the next level. I knew I had to integrate technology in my teaching and I saw the possibility to be able to reach more students using the online platform. I received my master’s from George Mason University with a concentration on Online learning and Curriculum and Instruction. Since then, I have been able to teach students from all over the country, Texas, Idaho, Oregon, Tennessee and Virginia.

Instructional Designer!

My number one passion is to teach Spanish learners how to learn and use the language. I always thought… What is the point of studying the language and if you are not able to speak it? Through many years of experience, research, creating hundreds of lessons and teaching hundreds of students, I have been able to create results for my students. I decided to start creating my own Spanish video lessons and I started to develop my own curriculum and methodology so I can create even better results and a more meaningful learning experience for my students. I am so thankful for my college professors, colleagues, my own students and parents! who have taken the time to give me feedback and have encouraged me to keep creating online courses.

What keeps me going…

Seeing my students succeed and enjoy learning a language is what makes me keep working hard to deliver the best online Spanish courses. Students and parents have said to me:

“I love your Spanish course”
“I can speak Spanish now!”
“Your video lessons are short and fun”
“I was able to order my food in Spanish”
“I am so thankful we found you”

Learn Spanish with Sra. Morato

Spanish For Elementary Ages


This course introduces Spanish to young minds at an early age through fun topics, engaging and interactive video lessons. Students learn to speak in Spanish using complete sentences, fun worksheets and interactive learning tools.

Spanish 1 Course:

Spanish Foundation for Middle and High School Students

This course introduces the fundamental elements of the Spanish language. It will give your student the knowledge and skills they need to be able to put the language together and start communicating in Spanish through everyday situations.

Spanish 2 Course:

Beyond Foundation with Speaking and Writing Focus 

This course will continue building upon the Spanish 1 foundation. Students will be introduced to new tenses such as past tense and more. Students will recycle Spanish 1 vocabulary and learn new vocabulary to speak more complex ideas and produce a higher level of proficiency. The focus of the course will be speaking and writing. In addition, students will explore the Hispanic.

Spanish 3 Immersion Course:

With Communication and Culture Focus  (Coming This Fall)

Videos/ Blogs

Video Series: Grammar and Vocabulary


Language Curriculum

One of the choices I have to make as the homeschool parent is to decide how my child is going to learn a subject. Many times as parent we become the motivating force behind our child’s learning. Therefore, the curriculum we choose is vital for our child’s learning...

Homeschool,  Language Requirements and Curriculum

Is your child in middle or high school and ready to tackle her or his language credits? As a Spanish certified teacher and homeschool mother I will say the following: The earlier a student starts learning the language the easier will be to acquire the language skills he/she needs to learn it.

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