Muchas Gracias!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your Spanish learning language world. 

I am a Spanish teacher and curriculum creator, but I am 150%, mom.  I know how hard it is to keep up with busy family life and also be consistent with our goal of raising and educating bilingual children. 

Here it is what I promised to you.  Download your checklist here 

My mission is to support mothers like you to educate bilingual children through my K-12th online program and courses.  If you are ready to jump in the learning wagon with me here is how I can serve you and your family:

1- Elementary program with an immersion approach for the entire family click here

2- Spanish 1 Foundation course with weekly live speaking classes (Middle-High School grades) click here

3- Spanish 1 Foundation Self-paced and Self-study course  with teacher support (Middle-High School grades) click here

4-  Spanish 2 Beyond Foundation with  weekly live speaking classes (Middle-High School grades) click here

5-  Spanish 2 Beyond Foundation Self-paced and Self-study course  with teacher support  (Middle-High School grades) click here

6- Spanish 3 course  ask for more information (High School)

7- If your Co-Op is interested in offering Spanish, write to me and ask me how Co-Ops are using my online courses to teach their students to speak Spanish: 

When I go to conventions and offer parent training and workshops, the majority of mothers share with me how overwhelming planning and being consistent with Spanish learning is. Because of that, I created a short parent video training to help you answer the question. I name the training: Help! My teen needs to start Spanish this year. Where do I start?  (Keep an eye on that email. It may go to your promotion or junk inbox.)

In addition, as part of my thank you and to continue giving you extra support, I will be sending you my Spanish learning Newsletter. I aim to share with you resources and inspiration so we can do this together. 

Hasta luego,

Sra. Morato 

Spanish Certified Teacher

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction and Online Learning

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