Coming this Fall!

Imagine your child learning and speaking Spanish at an early age and the advantages your child will have by speaking a second language such as traveling and being able to interact with other Spanish speakers fluently.

By studying Spanish, you will help your child prepare for tomorrow:

  • Become more culturally aware
  • Gain academic benefits
  • Learn cognitive abilities and Spanish proficiency skills
  • Be able to operate and compete in the international marketplace

Features of the Program:

  • Easy to follow monthly topic Lessons with teacher support
  • Engaging video teaching taught by a certified, experienced, native speaker Spanish teacher
  • Fun worksheets to reinforce learning (PDF)
  • Vocabulary- using interactive flash cards
  • Community support through a secret Facebook Group
  • Weekly FACEBOOK LIVE for motivation and participation
  • And more
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About Sra. Morato:

Former Fairfax County Public Teacher Spanish teacher, more than 16 years of classroom experience teaching all levels from Spanish 1 to IB Spanish. Certified Spanish teacher, M.A. Education, Online Teaching and Curriculum Designer. I am passionate about teaching students not just how to learn Spanish but how to speak it.