Done-for-you Spanish speaking curriculum that focuses on speaking and culture, ready for your family to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Live and independent on-demand classes, supported by teachers who truly care about your kids.

Homeschool Spanish Curriculum is a language building methodology designed to focus on speaking and culture, give your children exposure to native speaker teachers, and incorporate lessons and learning tools in one place.

Maybe the most importantly, our classes give you as a homeschool parent a comprehensive Spanish curriculum built with flexibility and structure so you can accomplish the second language goals you set for your kids – whether you want to travel to Hispanic communities and experience the culture, or simply set your student up for success as a bilingual, culturally-aware adult.

When people go through the process of learning the language as a child, the language becomes a gift and a life skill to them as an adult – a bridge between peoples and cultures. We are passionate about providing high, excellent Spanish education that’s fun for students and easy for parents so everyone can win and find success in the journey.

It’s time for your students (and you!) to learn Spanish in a way so you can SPEAK the language with those who love it most.

We believe

Learning Spanish can be fun and engaging. We believe in engaging the whole child during the learning process, making Spanish something they look forward to learning.

Technology is a tool. Through the use of technology, we can teach Spanish without being in the same room as the student or depending on the parent or a teacher to learn the language first.

Languages are people. In teaching Spanish, our focus is the culture, not the grammar, so when these kids grow up, they have an increased appreciation for the opportunities open to them as a bilingual adult.

Effective communication is the end result – not mastery of grammar or memorization of the rules. We want our students to take what they learned in Spanish classes and apply it to real life, to have real conversations, and find life, beauty, and relationships in the Hispanic community.

Parents are the doors to foreign language exposure. Parents are the best facilitators and advocates for their children’s education, especially raising bilingual kids.

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Hola, I’m Sra. (Mrs.) Morato

For more than 20 years, I taught and coached hundreds of middle-high school students to speak Spanish through IB Spanish immersion, and online classes. I saw teens struggle, learning another language during such a challenging season of their lives. As I talked to parents through workshops, conferences, and  my online platform, they shared their stories on how they studied Spanish for years but never got to have conversations or engage with the culture.

They ALL wanted a different learning experience for their children.

This is why I created Homeschool Spanish Curriculum – a clear method for language acquisition and an easy way for you to facilitate learning at home. Your child does not need to learn Spanish alone, and you don’t need to learn how to teach it.

You can give your children an authentic Spanish learning experience at home, even if you don’t know the language.

Learn the framework for success so you can help your child learn to speak Spanish.